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“I see it through my 30 years in the theme park industry where many are stuck in the rut outliving their relevance. Welcome to reality, an era where creativity is no longer only in physical form but more importantly business-centric innovation that gives the real competitive edge. Our cross-cultural theme park experience has given us a rare glimpse into the entire leisure industry. 

Lately, we are seeing an evolved demand for unprecedented leisure concepts and products. These are evidence of changing trends as the industry reaches new frontiers. Much of these emerging opportunities reflect what was crazy is now ready to be capitalised.

Sim Leisure is more than just stunning design and competent execution. We see things through a different lens and that’s core to our DNA. 

Let’s innovate together!”

Founder - Chief Executive


The Sim Leisure team draw on our artistic talent and experience to design and construct the creative dreams and visions of our clients.

Creating a culture of fun and excitement is reflected in everything we do. 

Throughout the world of waterparks and theme parks, Sim Leisure is known and respected for our passion to create the extraordinary. 

We offer a unique perspective, afforded to us by our diverse and experienced staff. We stand by all of our work and we truly believe that creating fun is serious business.

meet the team for website.jpg
meet the team for website.jpg
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